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Wine Shops in Seoul

I’m constantly asked “Where can I buy wine at reasonable prices?” So, in response to readers’ requests here’s a list in no particular order.

Wine Square 와인스퀘어

Good selection of Malbec, sparkling wine and Bordeaux classics. They also have a good selection of vodka. Located behind the Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance 삼성화재 Building near City Hall. Ph 02 775 2160

Vino Vino Shop and Cafe 비노비노

Retail and cafe for importer Vino Vino who specialize in Italian wines. As expected the selection here is dominated by their portfolio of Italian wines. They also make panini and coffee on site. Next to Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul. Ph 02 475 3880 www.vinovino.co.kr (Website IE only)

Pinot Noir 피노 누와

Specializing in burgundy and pinot noir, this shop also has a good selection of other wines from a wide range of importers. Between Seocho (서초역) and Seoul University of Education stations (교 대역). Exit 8, Seocho station. Ph 02 3477 1880 http://cafe.naver.com/pinotnoir0808

Purple Wine Cellar

Small but quality focused selection with a range of price points covered. Changseong-dong, Jongro, Seoul. Exit 2 Gyeongbukgung Station. Third street on the right. Ph 02 734 7787 www.purplewinecellar.com

Jell Wines
A pioneering wine shop in this country being the first to really specialize and move away from whiskey and soju back in 1992. Located near the Hyatt in Hanam-dong, Seoul. Newly renovated to include a basement cellar and members club upstairs. Ph 02 797 6846 www.jellwine.com

Ten to Ten

Wine shop for importer, Bacchus. Their full portfolio of wines are sold here at cheaper prices than elsewhere but don’t expect to find wines from other importers. For fans of Clos du Val, you’ll find it cheapest here. Two locations:

Soraemael main street (French Village), Banpo-dong, Ph 02 3477 0303

Apkujeong station, Exit 5, then turn left at Woori Bank. Ph 02 344 1369

Les Vins Mael

In the Gangnam Finance Center, Yeoksam, Seoul.  Competitive prices and a reasonable selection of wines at all price points. Yeoksam Station. Ph 02 2112 2935 www.lesvinsdemaeil.com

Wine House – Hakdong

An impressive collection of hundreds of wines from a wide range of importers. Reasonable prices as well as regular sales.

Ph 02 517 7833

Wine House – Bundang

Located in Bundang near Sunae Station. Wide selection of wines at all price points including many budget wines. Ph 02 711 9593 www.iwinehouse.co.kr

L’Espirit de Bundang 레스프리 드 분당

Reasonable selection of wines from around the world. They also sell whiskey and spirits. Ph. 031 897 3804 http://www.lesprit.kr

WineTime in Podo Plaza
Located on the first floor of Podo Plaza in Apkujeong, Seoul, this wine shop offers a good selection of wines. Ph 5483720 www.winetime.co.kr/ www.podoplaza.com/

Cep d-Or Wine and Bar

A wine shop in Yeoksam that is also a bar after 6pm. Side dishes, pasta and steak available. 10,000 corkage on bottles purchased in-store. Good selection of champagne and budget wines. Ph 02 552 3131 www.cepdor.com Second shop in Myeongdong Ph  02 3789-1311

Hyundai Department Store COEX

B1 COEX Hyundai Department Store, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Ph: 02 3467 8409

Wine Nara

Many stores around Seoul. Check their website for stores near you. Contact Ph. 080-732-0101 www.winenara.com


  1. Emart is the best I’ve seen for wine at reasonable prices, especially if you go for the special offers, which are constantly changing so you can try different wines all the time. Their stock changes fairly quickly so you don’t get bored. The one drawback is that if you find a wine you really love, it might become out of stock and unavailable for some time. I’ve seen the same bottles in other shops – The Jell, Shinsegae etc. – at higher prices.

  2. Emart or Costco definitely have the best prices with a bit of wide selection. In Korea, however, wine shops usually… no.. always have wines that are not available at Emart or any other big markets. Wine distributors cannot supply wine to both a small wine shop and a big market, because the big market can freely control the price since they have more asset. If you’re looking for a special wine, definitely go to wine shops. But Emart does have pretty wide selection of decent wines at low cost!

  3. I live in Gimpo-si and I frequent a very large, exquisite wine outlet near my home called “Terroir Wine Outlet” that is located in the town of Gochon (고촌면) and I realized it was not listed on your website. They carry a wide selection of delectable wines for fairly reasonable prices and I’d recommend a visit if you have not already. Here is their website for reference, although I feel it’s not entirely up-to-date: http://winedc.co.kr/

    Good luck!

  4. Hi Paul,

    I know the company but have yet to get to the store. I’ll put it on my list of places to visit in November. Thank you for your comments. We’re relaunching WineKorea in two weeks with a new design. Would appreciate feedback, comments and thoughts.

    Live long and drink well.


  5. Hi

    Does anyone know of an English website that I can order wine from and deliver to a friend in Korea. I have a friend in Seoul and would love to order some wine/whiskey for him and maybe even sign him up for a monthly wine club. I am from the US and all of our online stores will not ship to Korea due to the complication of tax/duties.

    All the sites above are great but are either only in Korean or does not allow for online shopping.

    Any information will be helpful.

    Thank you so much.

  6. I’ve emailed Eileen but will re-post here so people understand some of the red tape related to wine in Korea:

    It’s illegal to sell alcohol on the internet with the exception of maekgolli, a cloudy rice beer, which has been granted national tresure status. so no online wine sales.
    Wine importers get around this my taking gift orders from consumers via direct bank transfer, as over the phone credit card sales are not possible in Korea.
    Yes, few wine shops in the world ship to Korea thanks to our pain in the ass customs who add 68% tax to the wine/shipping/insurance cost.
    If it’s a large enough order or wine it might be worth a bank transfer to a wine shop or Korean importer. What wine your seeking will influence your choice of wine shop or importer as they often specialize.


  7. Brandon /

    Does anyone know of any wine supply stores where I could find materials to make my own wine? Thanks!

  8. Brandon, Contact Rob titley at http://www.homebrewkorea.com He know the equipment suppliers.

    Cheers, Joshua

  9. Glad to see so many merchants and wine choices available in Korea.


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